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 Acquire Your Big Goals As a result of Habit Goals.

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PostSubject: Acquire Your Big Goals As a result of Habit Goals.   Tue Sep 27, 2011 4:32 pm

Common practice goals are those smaller goals which produce bigger goals. These smaller goals tend to be performed daily or weekly to become automatic habits.
We can easily then move on auto pilot towards our ideas or bigger goals. We know for sure that they can be accomplished because we are taking daily steps within their direction.
It is easy for you to neglect our bigger goals and just spend time daydreaming about them and pumped up about them.
However, the daily habit goals that lead us to the dreams cannot be overlooked. They are in our lives at this time as we perform them on a daily basis.
If we are not performing them daily, young children and can that we are unlikely to reach our dreams. The daily habits will be tough to maintain so we will need to face the real cost in our dreams right now in this current lifestyle. We need to make up your mind now if we are planning to pay the price or not.
If one of our main goals is to lose weight we should make a daily effort and avoid too much sugar; to buy and eat much healthier foods and to get out of our home for one walk a full day at least.
If our dream is to bring in more money, we need a daily plan which includes the smaller goals involving advertising daily, creating products to promote etc.
Many people have dreams in line with the great dream of Walt Bagehot:
'The great pleasure in life has been doing what people say you can't do. '
If you should do what people say you cannot do, you will need to set yourself a day by day habit goal of practicing whatever it happens to be that people say you can be useless at.
In the fighting techniques world, most students love so that you can kick high. But if people create you off as struggle to kick high, you will have to establish daily habit dreams like stretching for ten minutes at least every day.
You will need to practice your proposed kick at least ten times a day both slowly to build strength and faster to set up momentum. You will probably have to frequently check the height of your kick and to focus on any improvements.
All this effort can be worth it when the thing is the look of amazement perhaps even awe on the faces to your fellow students.
Weekly habit goals can also be important. I try to get to know my web designer for two hours every single week so that I make gradual progress in learning learn how to use web design software and easy methods to link products up with visa or mastercard processors etc.
I know these weekly meetings will certainly gradually turn a tech dim wit like myself right into a reasonably competent web master and finally a successful entrepreneur.
That brings to mind, by writing this article I've just taken another step towards achieving one of my big goals - to write a minimum of one article a week.
Big goals and dreams can fire our imaginations and create enthusiasm even so the smaller daily goals can get even more exciting as we realize that we can be moving steadily and inexorably in opposition to our dreams.
John Watson is usually an award winning teacher not to mention 5th degree blackbelt fighting techniques instructor. He has written several ebooks on reason and success topics. One example of these can be found during http: //www. motivationtoday. com/36_laws. php
There are also motivational ebooks by editors like Stuart Goldsmith. Find out more about http: //www. motivationtoday. com/the_midas_method. php
Feel liberal to reprint this article in its entirety in your ezine or on your web site but please include your resource box above
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Acquire Your Big Goals As a result of Habit Goals.
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