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 Lenovo moves ; Enter the palace a second time ; Back Or want the curve to save the nation

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PostSubject: Lenovo moves ; Enter the palace a second time ; Back Or want the curve to save the nation   Sun Sep 11, 2011 6:32 pm

This is that Lenovo Group comes with a effect and moves the actual strategic demand of Web, in addition, Lenovo Group doesn't have a result to merchandize up to date to return to the actual A-share, Lenovo Group invest in Lenovo move, list for the stock market their with the A-share probably, realize the reason that the contours save area. Sell Lenovo, move Telecommunications Technology Co., Ltd. using 100 million in Lenovo Set ' Abbreviated as inch Lenovo moves " )One 12 months later, it is under an individual's command that Lenovo Team will associate and move you need to include in again at one time. November 27, Lenovo Group announce using 200 million from so as to enlarge firm to make the investment with the investor that headed as a result of purchasing Lenovo moving many rights and interests, are going to pay with cash and Lenovo's discuss. This merger is for 2 purposes: First, in concern of capital operation, subsequent, define Lenovo marches in the strategy which moves Internet's market in the all-round way, and do industry's overall arrangement well correctly. Will it be Drive 2008, until " regardless if Lenovo take, pay care about PC even more inch, Merret of A,, " the cellphone business is in small-scale scale, and suffer great decline " Two major reasons will associate cellphone business to sell, the genuine reason can be that PC business then of Lenovo suffered excellent loss, need obtaining the great sum of money through selling the cellular service badly, make the financial statement look somewhat interesting. The making a profit as an alternative to suffering a loss associated with appearing again but along with Liu Chuanzhi and Lenovo, Lenovo controls interest and also needs the concrete business which will be pressed in hands badly to turn into cash again. Moreover, Liu Chuanzhi has been hoping continuously Lenovo Group returns to your A-share and goes available, but there is not much of a result so far, invest in Lenovo, move with Lenovo Cluster, list on the stock trading game their in the A-share most likely, realize the purpose that this contours save the country. This is a arranged demand of Lenovo Group's improvement too. Yang YuanQing, chief executive officer of Lenovo Group, demonstrates: "While Lenovo's global LAPTOP OR COMPUTER business continues developing progressively, we regard moving Internet because important strategy direction down the road. We are confident within this unique market of Chinese suppliers, implement and move Internet's system, make it become one more growth engine that participants China's business following COMPUTER, and expand to the whole world progressively. " One that may be with 3G network has grown into riper, the integration of LAPTOP and movable termination becomes the principle trend of industry's improvement, and is hastening the birth than it new product, new request and new service involving moving Internet constantly. Throughout China, because of your energetical pushes of administration and telecommunication operator, the development of 3G network is a lot like a raging fire more, have already formed the particular huge market in switching the terminal in Web demand. Rely on 3G to advance fast development and following multimedia Internet of broadband, it is without a doubt estimated China Mobile's Internet's market place scale will exceed sixteen billion dollars in 2014. The wonderful manifestation after the business of your Lenovo cell-phone is sold is sufficient to explain this time. In the first portion of 2009, Lenovo will transfer and gain 6 thousand dollars, the profit state estimates it's going to be better in the 2nd half year. This due to the fact binding with the operator of Lenovo is amazingly close, can obtain a good position in the commercial competition after 3G marketplace start, associate person who customize yearly of mobile phone, amid 4 million - 5 thousand departments, rank the initially, second and third inside intersection of Chinese plus the intersection of mobile phone and market these days. It is being highly centralized the fact that the global PC market is actually proning to, can only probably keep 4-5 large-scale manufacturers down the road, but the converging involving communication and PC has showed the brand-new market for this purpose industry, it is the one of several younger generation that has offered and trapped with and surpassed and subverted the prospect of the original style. But Lenovo is not sensitive enough on the perception of this pattern, a trend that have missed the 1st wave and surfed the world wide web. Return of this, can regard because sublation of the original looking at Lenovo, has got into the accurate strategy orbit just as before. This merger can generate great function more on Lenovo's achievement down the road, is still full involving uncertainties. There is a noteworthy invest this merger, namely is brimming with omission of mysterious individual investor Yang XiangYang. If your business of the Lenovo cell-phone can be sold in 2008, the client was by JadeAhead, AmpleGrowth ( swan's prolonged enterprises), the intersection of toddler elephant and investment plus the intersection of SuperPioneer plus four form, for enlarge firm to speculate, control among them initial two, the last two are that it must be held that Yang XiangYang is definitely wholly-owned. Enlarge firm to deliver funds of 60 mil, account for Lenovo, transfer 60% stock right, Yang XiangYang has 40% in the stock rights. But on this merger, purchased the target changed into stepping newly, investment involving Shenzhen, JadeAhead and SuperPioneer, Hong Yi invested and held share to increase to 90%, and that personage had become group's Chairman Hu DaoXin involving memory before Taiwan with SuperPioneer. The personage is close relation with Lenovo ahead of four enterprise Taiwan, the memory group will be that Lenovo QDI mum board business buys the corporation, cooperator of strategy in Lenovo, it is former senior citizen vice-presidents of Lenovo to control people while you're watching platform where step newly and Shenzhen invests on. How from control, transform into, control 90% stock perfect by 60% of stock rights should it enlarge firm, have story besides perhaps inside this.
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Lenovo moves ; Enter the palace a second time ; Back Or want the curve to save the nation
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