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 Travel For Fun Guide - Kannaren's Guide Towards the Perfect Lvl 105+ Pvppk Saw blade.

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PostSubject: Travel For Fun Guide - Kannaren's Guide Towards the Perfect Lvl 105+ Pvppk Saw blade.   Wed Sep 28, 2011 3:20 pm

Since I've somewhat quit, I have decided in order to leave the FlyFF neighborhood my knowledge gained by means of my experiences in sport, as well as massive research about the topic. This guide is purely for Blades which are level 105+ only and targets excelling in killing various other players as a blade with the most overpowered weapons in the adventure.

Important Things to Have to make an excellent PvP Cutter:
1. Equips:
Get the +10 lvl 105 V7 Set with Pierced 28% atk amount suit: This set up provides the maximum amount of atk rate and the maximum amount of HP. This is preferable to a 28% HP rate suit because it will have more atk rate using the same amount of HP . P . (the builds will
vary obviously but the atk rate suit provided the very best combination)
Two LGA+8 or higher: This is a assigned. +80% crit damage may be the ONLY reason this setup works.
Strente x2 +1 or higher: Strength IS important
and Speedos+2 or higher: Block Rate IS important. With this build the only real other class that will be able to kill you are melee lessons with extremely high DPS, what better method to stop that, then to prevent their DPS entirely with blocks.
Gore Necklace+6: Regular Blade equip, should not be changed
Red Shades: highest HP and FP boost accessory within the game from the CS, ought to be obvious why this will be used.
Cloak of Strong/Dragon Cape: Once again, str is the life blood of blades, and if you're able to get a dragon cape from winning the GW that's better still.
Reasoning: For blades, equips determine damage source and what you want to do is get just as much damage as possible while having something up your sleeve (aka the actual speedos)

2. The Construct:
In order to be able to tank the 1HKO moves from the game, namely Asal as well as Hit of Penya, you'll need over 20k HP. This will ensure that the majority of BPs and Jesters won't kill you in an individual hit. BPs on Aibatt mainly run asals that deal 14-19k, which is enough in order to kill most anyone in a single hit... but not with this particular build. Jesters at typically deal 12k to me with the exception of pimped out ones utilizing upcuts, link, and +3 CW jewels. They can go in place of 23k per HoP this way. But I'll explain ways to get around that later. 20k HP is acheived by having at least 200 tolerance (with the equip settings I gave in #1. ) The remainder of your stat points should go into dex. Your base str ought to be 15. The reason for this is again block price, evasion, and hit price. Since we hit for less we must make sure all your atks connect and also minimize the quantity of atks we take. The no str part is made up for by the 28% atk rate suit and also the +80% crit damage consequence of two LGAs.

3. Technique in Battle:
We go against many different kinds of players with different builds and different playing styles. You should learn towards adapt to whomever you come across and change your trying to play style accordingly. Generally you should avoid psykeepers and knights just because they are a waste of moment. Psys have crucio which is a large obstacle to prevail over. One would need ideal timing and execution to help kill psy with crucio on also it would simply not be worth it (save these guys designed for last. ) Knights are hard simply because they have so much H . P .. If it was a knight on pills plus cookies alone, then end up being my guest and melee the pup to death. If it had been a knight on lemantis, ignore it. There is no way for you to deal 50k+ damage inside of 2 seconds (damn low cooldown to have an all HP heal piece -_-) What blades need to do is focus instead on all the other classes. Since low sta along with high str is preferred, you should be in a position to kill any other training within 5 seconds. You don't need to worry so much pertaining to tanking, seeing as you've 20k HP. Normal Asals and HoP even though they had pimp gear would not kill you in one hit (they is only able to do this with CS items, the actual "stick trick, " as well as using party skills. )

four. Cash Shop Items:
Other classes can kill you by utilizing cash shop items correct? Well we can use CS items to survive those attacks way too.
Grilled Eel: Will improve max HP to 27k+, a fairly large amount to conquer
Holy Scrolls: They are cheap and can nullify the annoying can affect of stun and satanology
Lemantis: The same as knights, we can tank that asal or Jump and heal to entire health every 2 secs
Scrolls of Velocity: Ideal for quick get aways
Upcut Gemstones: Not satisfied with 3-8k crits? Then use one of these simple to get 4k/9. 5k crits

5. Smarts:
Select your fights wisely, know when to retreat so when to attack. To maximize the effectiveness of blade equips, generally one should be in blinking exp mode to find the bonus 22% crit charge. This will nullify losing not using a dest placed for PvP.

Closing Comments:
I love FlyFF and all of the friends I've made to this point. I miss the ones which have quit and hope that i will help the new generation of people I won't meet. I really hope that those that read this think it is helpful and insightful. To all my friends thank you a lot for everything and any wonderful times. To all those this helped me with my damage tests over the last few months, thank you for you patience and going out of your way to benefit me with my computations. Thanks for the superb experience FlyFF, I'll end up being back eventually... just such as last time... it just might take a bit longer this time ^__^

~Drei, proud originator of KannaRen lvl 106 Blade of Aibatt
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Travel For Fun Guide - Kannaren's Guide Towards the Perfect Lvl 105+ Pvppk Saw blade.
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