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 Samsung Has Received Threatening E-mails Which Said That it Will Blow up Samsung Headquarters Building

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PostSubject: Samsung Has Received Threatening E-mails Which Said That it Will Blow up Samsung Headquarters Building   Tue Oct 04, 2011 6:49 pm

According to south Korean chosun ilbo, samsung reported publicchinese Monday received a letter containing threatening content email, claiming that will blow up samsung headquarters building and nine Arab embassy in Korean embassy.
National counterterrorism center says samsung Canada branch 2 received an English E-mail. Email saying "2 to 6, samsung's building and in Turkey, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Oman, bahrain, Jordan, Syria, Egypt embassy in south Korean embassy bombing" the set explosives. Mail in osama bin laden was shot after the news spread the Canadian eastern time 2, 4 a.m., the sender sends 28 distribution is "zahedani", Arab name.
3 7 am 35 points, police received samsung vows after Seoul police seocho police major-case squad more than 30 people such as emergency sent to seocho hole samsung building. Then 8:00 a.m. to 10 points xu, Seoul swat subordinate explosives processing class (EOD) 18 players arrived at the scene, they to 30 points in 11 a.m. to search the underground parking lot explosives. Police say, of national intelligence court agents also were sent to the scene.
Police officials said: "although it is difficult to mess with samsung group security Settings explosives, but as a precaution, searched for ordinary people out of the place." can be The police also indicted to sender Arab countries reported this content embassy, and strengthen the peripheral patrols. Mentioned by mail in nine countries, bahrain and Syria in South Korea does not have a embassy, police accordingly determine this is early premeditated together the terrorist action is unlikely. Police in Canadian police investigating plans after assistance, through the embassy.
International home appliance giant in front, the Chinese electrical appliances enterprise is still only an "youngas".
April 28, 000016 deep konka A (issued by 2010, SZ) business revenue last year, annual report for 171.11 billion yuan, an increase of 29.06%; 8394.79 yuan, net profit for 44.65% year-on-year reduction. Thus, the Chinese electrical appliances enterprise 2010 annual basic disclosure finished.
It is worth noting konka 171 million yuan revenue, only the equivalent samsung electronics 2010 $1389 around the topline 1.9%. In fact, the daily economic news reporter rough statistics found that 6 domestic out electricity and black electric enterprise's revenue to sum with rival, samsung electronics.
"The Chinese electrical appliances enterprise in earlier years said to transcend SONY, in recent years and said to transcend samsung, but from so far, one, beyond all failed to do." Home appliance observers liu buchen sighs.
Samsung electronics earnings last year, according to samsung 154.63 trillion won (turnover of its 9131 billion yuan), operating profit for 17.30 trillion won ($1022 billion yuan). Earnings shows, samsung electronics's revenue comes mainly from semiconductor, mobile phones, LCD panel and digital video four aspects.
Over the same period, the Qingdao haier revenues 606 billion yuan, the equivalent of samsung electronics of 6.6 percent; Beauty appliances revenue for 746 million yuan, the equivalent of samsung electronics gree electric appliances 8.2%, the revenue for 608 billion yuan, the equivalent of samsung electronics 6.7%.
Black electricappliances, sichuan long rainbow, TCL group, konka 2010 revenue for 417 billion yuan respectively, 519 billion yuan, 171 million yuan, for samsung electronic 4.6%, 5.7% and 1.9%.
The daily economic news reporter statistics found that the above 6 companies operating income for the sum of 3065 billion yuan, about only a third of samsung electronics. Although the data contained in the business sector and samsung electronics revenue constitute the imperfect superposition, but also can see in a big difference.
In liu buchen opinion, the gap with samsung, originated from China of "overall appliance behind," he thought, this comprehensive performance objectively and subjectively behind in many aspects. "Objectively speaking, samsung started earlier than the Chinese electrical appliances enterprise, south Korean market economy also more perfect, make samsung have these development advantage."
But, liu buchen thinks, the more major is not the objective factors, but the enterprise strategy, brand subjective factors such as construction and market layout.
"Chinese household electrical appliance industry" 1025 "development planning proposal" that "compared with the international first-class electrical appliances enterprise, China most enterprises invested in the independent innovation, innovation ability insufficient still, there is a disparity between the core technology and key technology no breakthrough; product homogeneityphenomenon more prominent, the low added value, high-end products and the international first-class enterprise compared with less competitive."
In addition, lee steps that the international brand of dust brand influence and power is strong, driving role of market brand is very big also. While China's brand influence confined to the home, did not appear truly international brand.
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Samsung Has Received Threatening E-mails Which Said That it Will Blow up Samsung Headquarters Building
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