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 Acer Iconia Case A500 鈥A Multimedia Robot Tablet.

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Acer Iconia Case A500 鈥A Multimedia Robot Tablet. Empty
PostSubject: Acer Iconia Case A500 鈥A Multimedia Robot Tablet.   Acer Iconia Case A500 鈥A Multimedia Robot Tablet. EmptySun Oct 16, 2011 2:51 pm

Acer Iconia Tab A500 is organ of the new Android 3. 0 Honeycomb send, a system not yet still fully grown but brimming with potential. The product is elegant and smartly designed. The 10. 1-inch multitouch display is positioned in a round edged case however, the key device weighs 730 grams making it rather heavy to be hold of hospitality attire hand.
The Power button is positioned on the left side for the screen and locks/unlocks that display. The headphone and also mini-HDMI slots are also relating to the left. 聽 The HVAC adapter, USB connector, 聽mini-USB connector for PC synch and also Reset button are added the right.
The two stereo speakers are upon the back of the case and offer Dolby Mobile technology assist. The 5MP camera makes use of LED flash but photo quality is not going to impress and neither truly does the HD 720p picture quality. On the many other hand, the 2MP front-facing camera may be very useful for video phone calls.

The TFT display by means of 1280脳800 p resolution is protected by just a mineral cotton film. The display finish is not going to prevent light reflection plus the glass window can definitely be used as a mirror when the device is not switched on. 聽 High LED display image quality is very useful for movie watching and viewing angles act like those of a excellent PC monitor.
The tablet works on the Nvidia tegra 2 platform, powered by a dual-core ARM 7 1 GB RANDOM ACCESS MEMORY processor. 聽The 32 GB flash memory are usually extended by another 32 GB by using a microSDHC card.


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Access to the internet is guaranteed by Wi-Fi connection, but lack of 3G connectivity is often a major downside.
The homescreen of聽 Iconia Tabs A500 has four directories for eReading, Games, Multi media and Social; each having a own specific apps. Independent of the standard Android Honeycomb blog, Acer has also added a number of additional apps such as Fact that Speed Shift, Let's The game of golf, Docs to Go and Social Jogger.

Apps loading will be instant, and preinstalled web browser web surfing was steady. Adobe Flash installation accomplishes multimedia experience and Youtube . com videos playing was smooth if the native player was basically used. 聽The YouTube computer's desktop version playing was jerky, probably a result of Adobe Flash Plug-in, only found in the beta version.

The Nvidia Tegra 2 platform offered聽 improvement for 3D acceleration when tested while using Need for Speed Move about game. The 3D environment had the best framerate which allowed sleek game playing.
Acer Iconia Tab A500 is powered by just a 3260mAh Li-ion battery that barely lasts for over seven hours when used continuously along with the Wi-Fi on and exhibit brightness reduced by 50%. 聽 Android Honeycomb uses a great deal of laptop battery power if the tablet is through stand-by, the display is off and also OS is running inside background. Up to 50% of electric batteries can be thus drained in day without actually using your tablet.

Strong points: good hardware configuration, high superior quality display and speakers, HIGH 5MP camera, 32GB storage containers capacity, microSDHC slot, a much more flexible Android Honeycomb THE GW990 and clear fi engineering.

Weak point: lack about 3G connectivity. <! --INFOLINKS_OFF-->.
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Acer Iconia Case A500 鈥A Multimedia Robot Tablet.
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