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 Do You Know How Much About Your Laptop Battery

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PostSubject: Do You Know How Much About Your Laptop Battery   Mon Sep 05, 2011 12:43 pm

Battery is a higher risk of objects, so when use of batteries, we need to understand some related issues, such as the use and maintenance of attention, so that we can better play the best use of our laptop battery.

The replacement laptop batteries note:

1. During charging, please don't pull down the power converter.
2. Donꊰ use this machine for the battery.
3. If using a notebook computer is first, or you long time no use it (three weeks or longer), must be completely filled with electricity, after discharge battery full power to recover.
4. No matter whether the batteries in computer, self-discharge phenomenon (day, according to the different models about 1% slightly different).
5. If the computer for a long time without using (more than three weeks), suggest you pull a battery, the battery separately store.
6. For lithium-ion batteries, environmental pollution damage will also have certain risk. Please don't discard.
7. If a battery can take a long time, but don't have electricity (battery must prevent excessive discharge battery, the battery cause damage) how much depending on the length of time storage battery, such as in long time, battery power is some more, in the rechargeable battery in power is to prevent the long time storage cause excessive discharge.

The maintenance of the battery:

First, the new cells are needed to do initialization operation, the initialization is refers to a full battery, electricity, and again all the process. Please follow the steps below to finish first initialize:

1. Please confirm it, then computers connected to the external power source recharge, charging for 6 ~ 8 hours.
2. The full charge later on. When the screen "Press F2 for setup, Press F2] [enter BIOS setup program, and let it stop computers.
3. Unplug power adapter, make continuous open until the computer batteries and shutdown.
4. Connected to the power adapter will batteries.
5. Use the charged and deplete charge
6. Repeat 2-3 times the above steps, you can dispel some of the memory effect and extend battery life.

The notebook computer batteries note:

1. Ni-MH batteries: when the batteries temperature below 0 degrees or above 45 degrees, the machine will not charge,
2. The lithium battery: when the temperature of the battery or higher degrees below 40 ?c, the machine will not charge.

In the charging
1. The temperature reached 60 degrees Celsius above battery charge will be suspended until the temperature dropped below 60 degrees to continue recharging.

Higher temperature of the battery several precautions:

1. When the battery exhausted after 30 minutes, please interval recharging,
2. During charging don't boot,
3. A full battery, the interval for 30 minutes to use batteries.

Generally recommend that you normally use computers after use, because of external power supply for the number of battery charge commonly 300-500 times, so it is in no mains conditions of use. And suggest you do a month to battery full charge 1 ~ 2 times.

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Do You Know How Much About Your Laptop Battery
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