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 How To Solve The Usb Device Not Recognized Problem In Windows

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PostSubject: How To Solve The Usb Device Not Recognized Problem In Windows   Thu Nov 10, 2011 3:40 pm

When we install the USB Flash disk into my laptop, sometimes the windows may notice : 慤SB device not found ? What should I do ? As the laptop I/O interface (port) are USB port. When the 揢SB device not found?we can not connect the mouse, keyboard, camera, phone and printer to our DELL Latitude E5500 Battery laptop! You can see the detail info below:

So I started with the usual methods to repair it, including uninstalling the drivers for my devices and reinstalling them. This usually can solve the problem (sometime the ?USB device not found ?problem caused by the disc not plug in steady), but now it did not work! Then I tried to reboot the laptop to make the system to recognize the USB drivers. It did not work!

Then I asked the problem in Yahoo answer about this problem, Some one from kindly answered my problem. Then I try his ways to solved the problem (USB driver can not work in the system). So I open the Device Manager, and uninstall all devices under USB controllers. Then reboot the VGP-BPS8 battery laptop, install the USB drivers, but the problem also be there !

You can do it in Device Manager that the device is listed as ?unknown device to see. ?br />

So, how do I finally solved the problem? Well, apparently is a super easy solution! No need to edit the registry, uninstall the driver, or something like that.

Just disconnect your VGN-FZ160E battery laptop from the wall outlet. Yes it is! Note that this does not stop just because its newer computers do not really stop when you press the power button, while the motherboard is still power.

Explain first, the VGN-FZ180U battery motherboard is where all computer hardware is connected, is connected, including the USB. Sometimes the motherboard has to be 揷harged?too, because something can go wrong, that is, work d. All USB ports no more sudden. The small microchip on the motherboard will reload the drivers and USB ports back to should be to identify all devices!

First turn off your computer or press the power button and then the plug from the wall. Let stand for a minute and then close it again.

Hopes that help you.

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How To Solve The Usb Device Not Recognized Problem In Windows
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