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 How To Reset Password In Windows 7

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PostSubject: How To Reset Password In Windows 7   How To Reset Password In Windows 7 EmptyMon Nov 14, 2011 3:18 pm

Refer to the question on how to reset password in Windows 7, it seems to be a number of solutions to solve this problem out there. But in reality, most of the recommended methods cannot work as most users forget to create a password reset disk in advance. Many users fail to reset password in Windows 7 in safe mode or with another administrator account sine they have only one account in Windows 7 or only have an accessible guest account. Here it will not introduce these unpractical methods for most users, but it will introduce you an effective method which can be used under any conditions. That's to use Windows Password Recovery to reset password in Windows 7 with a USB flash drive.

Work Principle

Windows Password Breaker is professionally designed to help personal and business users to regain access to PC when they are locked of computer result from lost Windows password. It firstly allows you to create a password reset disk with a USB flash drive in any accessible computer with a driver. Then you can use the burned USB flash drive to reset Windows 7 password in your locked computer. Please note you need to set BIOS of the locked PC from USB before resetting the password.


Compared with other solutions, resetting password in Windows 7 by this method has many advantages. First and foremost, the method can work well for you with resections. Whether you can log on your PC or not, whether you forget all administrator password or not, you are able to reset the password with it. Secondly, it can reset password for your other Windows OS in addition to Windows 7. As it is described in its official website, it supports all popular Windows like Windows 7/Vista/XP/Server 2000-2008, etc. Thirdly, it saves your money and time. With this Windows password recovery tool, you can reset Windows password on your own in less than 5 minutes. No need to call in expensive PC experts. Besides, there are many other benefits.


Once you download and install Windows Password Breaker Professional in computer, you can follow the below guide to learn how to reset password in Windows 7

1. Run the program and insert a USB flash drive to computer.

2. Burn a password reset USB flash drive with the application.

3. Insert the burned USB flash drive to the locked computer, and boot it from USB

4. Choose the installation path of Windows, and enter the ID of the path.

5. All Windows account user names will be displayed for you. Enter the ID of a specified User Name to remove its account password

6. Enter y to confirm and continue your operation.

7. Enter y to remove another Windows account password or enter n to finish your operation when the selected windows account password is removed.

8. Take the burned USB flash drive out of computer and press any key to restart your computer when you enter n to finish your operation.

The lost admin password has been successfully reset and now you can log on your computer without password.

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How To Reset Password In Windows 7
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