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 How To Reset Windows Password With A Usb Flash Device

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How To Reset Windows Password With A Usb Flash Device Empty
PostSubject: How To Reset Windows Password With A Usb Flash Device   How To Reset Windows Password With A Usb Flash Device EmptyMon Nov 14, 2011 3:18 pm

Now follow me to the procedures.
1. Download Windows Password Remover (usually a ISO file)
Free programs are usually open source or a lack of support that even further complicates your computer issues if you are a novice. So, it抯 better to choose a reliable Windows Password Remover tool to reset passwords for you automatically.
We now pick out 5 top ranked Windows Password Remover to give you a quick glimpse of the pros and cons of each program.
Download the Windows Password Remover ISO file on any available pc, not in your locked PC.

2. Create a Password Reset USB Flash Drive
A password reset CD disk or reset USB flash drive is necessary to any Windows Password Remover programs. And the advanced Windows Password Remover would usually provide two options for you to create the password reset device with the ISO file: CD disk or USB device.
Run the program and insert the USB flash to the computer where the Windows password recovery tool is installed. Choose the Burn the ISO image file to a USB drive mode to start burning, as the illustration shows below
?To create a Windows password reset CD, it requires an available CD-ROM drive capable of burning. By contrast, a USB flash device is easy to access and able to rewritable.
?Before burning, remember to backup your important data on the USB flash in case exceptional errors happen.

3. Change BIOS to boot from USB
Now, let抯 move to your locked PC. To get the newly burnt USB work, you need to set BIOS to boot from the USB device:
?When boot up your computer, please press 慏EL?or 慒2?or even?F10?to run BIOS Setup Utility (the key to enter BIOS varies depending on your PC motherboard).
?Go to the Boot Section and press UP or Download key to change the First Boot Device to a USB device or removable devices in some BIOS program.
?After all the changes are set press 慒10?to exit and save the settings.

4. Start the Removal of Windows Password with the USB Flash Drive instantly.
?Reboot your locked PC with the USB inserted.
When all system files are loaded from the USB Drive, the Windows Password Remover quickly starts to work. All removable Windows user account will display on the screen.
?Select the account for which password you want to remove or reset.
Note: In this process, the interfaces of many similar Windows Password Remover programs are DOS-like black dialog box to only ask Yes or No. If you are not used to, it抯 better to choose a program with graphical user interface.
?Follow the wizard by clicking 慛ext until you see the Success Screen. All the procedures are automatically and only take several minutes.
Now you are able to log in this Windows account without a password!
It is really easy, right? Choose a Windows Password Recovery tool and let it recover Windows password for you in a minute!
Come here looking for a miscellaneous password recovery tool for popular file formats (such as Word, Excel, or PDF documents, or ZIP archives) or e-mail accounts? You抣l find that kind of tips or freeware in the collection of password recovery resources available at PaPassword.com.

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How To Reset Windows Password With A Usb Flash Device
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