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 Ads2Sales Announces Release of SEM Pro Technology Platform

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PostSubject: Ads2Sales Announces Release of SEM Pro Technology Platform   Thu Sep 15, 2011 12:32 pm

Portsmouth, NH - July 15, 2007 - Ads2Sales, a provider of automation and management solutions for ones Paid Search marketplace, presently announced the release with Ads2Sales SEM Pro 1. 0 with the help of September 10th availability. Developed for SEM paid advertising power users the Ads2Sales SEARCH ENGINE MARKETING Pro Technology Platform was made to manage large, complex PAY PER CLICK campaigns. A major shift in expenditures is happening away from traditional marketing to common advertising models media. Paid Search keeps growing at a pace for 70% annually. To use this opportunity Agencies along with Corporate SEM teams will require a competitive edge. Hand analyzing results, generating new keywords plus ads and removing low performing elements of campaigns should you have thousands of keywords and ads isn't really an efficient option. Ads2Sales SEM Pro will be competitive edge once held only through the big agencies and world-wide-web giants. Ads2Sales SEM Pro can be described as technology platform for: * 7/24 Observation and Alerting of Significant Performance Variables. * Interactive Multivariate Graphing with the help of Superimposed Change to Have an effect on Results. * Rapid Advert Generation and Testing. * Automatic Continuous Keyword Generation dependant upon success criteria. * Keyword and Ad Pruning protecting the foremost critical of Quality Status variables. * Rules Based Bid Management for developing keyword buys aligned together with your goals. Agency success with paid for search is dependent on allow you to demonstrate an ROI designed for clients, to scale coping with many campaigns, and to complete the task profitability. Corporations with SEM coaches and teams must satisfy internal customers on the lookout for results- quality leads, business and resulting ROI. Both market segments will be under significant budget analysis and competitive pressure to beat its competitors. Ads2Sales SEM Pro is made for power users looking to distinguish their performance and beat its competition. Ads2Sales SEM Pro 1. 0 aids Google, SEM Pro 3. 0 with Yahoo aid and multi-vendor management and reporting capabilities could be available in Q3 2007. AvailabilityAds2Sales SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION Pro 1. 0 for Google can be bought September 10, 2007. SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION Pro 2. 0 with Yahoo aid and multi-vendor management and reporting capabilities could be available in Q3 2007. Check out and current pricing get hold of Ads2Sales by phone for 888. 237. 4140 and / or by emailing sales@ads2sales. com. Like the trial of SEM Pro can be obtained at http: //www. ads2sales. comAbout Ads2SalesAds2Sales provides approaches to automate paid search marketing management for SEM electricity users. The Ads2Sales SEM Seasoned pro Technology Platform was designed to buy a better way to control large, complex paid seek campaigns. The challenge- automate the actual sometimes tedious manual piece, use logic to reinforce decision making and institutionalize proven ways of report, monitor and boost PPC campaigns. With the resulting automation services and corporate SEM pros possess a technology platform giving individuals the competitive advantage to beat its competition. Please visit Ads2Sales on http: //www. ads2sales. com
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Ads2Sales Announces Release of SEM Pro Technology Platform
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