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 An Added Benefit of Surveillance Systems

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PostSubject: An Added Benefit of Surveillance Systems   Fri Sep 16, 2011 12:09 pm

One of many first surveillance systems I installed was for that friend of mine down with sunny Florida. He has several sucessful restaurants and he was going to start his test from the equipment on among the many units that happened to get located near the sand.
The installation went perfectly, and we had him ready to go in short order. He was now capable of watch the restaurant out of your home on his laptop. He was so pleased about the system that he it installed in just about all his restaurants. He has called me repetitions to tell how a lot he appreciated me making the effort to convince him this is a good move.
On one of many calls he just delicately mentioned that four weeks after installing the products, he has not had a workmans compensation claim in 8 weeks, something that was usual before the cameras were installed. This alone is investing in the systems. Not only that may be saving him money, it really is saving him time.
He isn't completing forms, or going to make sure you hearings.
The cameras experience foiled the old car accident game. No more covering back injuries that in no way happened. The employees now understand that if they fell, the camera would view it, and the result is very little more phony claims.
It was something that never occurred opinion when I was selling the system, but it sure is mostly a big benefit that I won't leave out in the foreseeable future.
Insurance money is a great part of any enterprise with employees, and when you have a good record to be 'accident free' your premiums sink, and many times significantly. Over the span of many years that could mean an important much bigger slice for the pie going in your own pocket, or to funds another business, or to make sure you making repairs or capital improvements.
My Florida friend tunes directly into his different operations at different times regularly, and takes a few notes the amount he sees. Then he gets together with his managers and implements procedures to attach what is wrong. His estimate is the surveillance systems paid for themselves on the first month, and that since he then has put hundreds of thousands of dollars on his main point here.
'Sometimes, ' he tells, 'it is the little what I see. But when you've got multiple properties, and just about all doing a little thing wrong, it's a large thing. If all any bartenders are over pouring, that's a tremendous sum of money in a month. If we are over-cooking 4 or 5 steaks a night in six locations, that's big money in a month within waste. I fix 1 or 2 things at a moment, and the bottom line the desired info is outstanding. '
I'm sure there will probably be even more benefits that I haven't viewed as surveillance systems become a greater number of commonplace. One thing I do know for sure though, is the benefits already far outweigh the associated fee.
If you're prepared, you may never be surprised.
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An Added Benefit of Surveillance Systems
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