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 A Review Of ITV Ventures

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PostSubject: A Review Of ITV Ventures   Sat Sep 17, 2011 3:05 pm

Although Internet marketing offers a wonderful tactic to make extra money on line, like anything the actual money comes when you put together strength in numbers, and this is exactly what ITV Ventures offers their members.
Utilizing the wealth of knowledge of company founder Donald Barrett, ITV Ventures was launched in 2006 as an addendum to his now hugely successful parent provider, the direct response television for computer company ITV. But you’ ve heard all of this before, right, and you’ re thinking why should ITV Projects be any different? Simple – it uses marketing methods in a way you’ ve never personally seen before.
Instead of determined by building your business solely through Website advertising, ITV Ventures also makes use of both direct response television and online marketing. Now, members of this revolutionary approach make their money not the ones marketing, but from the promotion that parent company ITV does every single day. Better still, it can all be performed from the comfort on your favorite chair. So how must it work?
Parent company ITV has been selling health and wellness products for over 6 ages, through direct response television for computer advertising. From nutritional items to beauty treatments as well as pet supplements, and a lot more in-between, the company has generated a successful brand, both in name and standing. Now ITV Ventures is letting you get a piece of that success.
By signing up as an Independent Merchant (IBO), you can then use the quantities advertising that ITV usually spends on its infomercials, and utilize it to become as successful as you want to be. The way it works is that after someone calls up to purchase one of the company’ s products, the call will come directly by means of you (or one of the other current IBOs). Once you confirm the sale, you receive the difference between the product’ s wholesale price and the retail one.
You may also make money by mentioning new IBOs to ITV Businesses, and on top from the $25 signing bonus you get for each new sign up, you’ ll also receive the same amount if many renew their membership the next year. Additionally, as the mentor to it IBO, you will also meet the requirements to 35% commission on half of the wholesale order by simply that IBO. There are also various bonuses available as you climb through the profit ranks.
Sound too good to be true? Well, in a means, it is. Although the actual membership fee isn’ t overly expensive at $165. 00, this is just for the basic membership and is also only the beginning on your costs. To truly benefit from the program, you will have to pay an additional $334. 00 for the Premier Package, which comes with more in-depth information along with product pack to help you succeed.
On top from this, you also have to create a minimum purchase of ITV’ s own products every month totaling a further $100. Although this is optional, again you need to look at up this option should you wish to make any real funds with ITV Ventures. Then you have an additional $29. 95 per month for the training course – yes, this is actually optional, but like so much of everything else available, to truly benefit out of your membership, you’ ll need to sign up for this as most certainly. And, of course, you have your $99 renewal fee per annum.
ITV Ventures is definitely offering a far different process of network marketing than believe usually see. After just about all, who else can deliver the support of the 10-ranked infomercial company behind them? Unfortunately, like so several other similar companies, the actual money will only be created by those who can actually afford it anyway – so the search for financial freedom continues for the rest.
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A Review Of ITV Ventures
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