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 HP DAT 40 Drives Perform Seamlessly With DDS-4 Tape Storage Media

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PostSubject: HP DAT 40 Drives Perform Seamlessly With DDS-4 Tape Storage Media   Thu Sep 08, 2011 1:03 pm

Mountains of data are generated each day. The analogue files for motion pictures, images and sound can also be being converted to internet formats, which are further increasing the amount of corporate data. The small & medium businesses world wide turn to DDS (digital records storage), which is one of the most durable, efficient and economical backup technology epidermis tape-based formats. DDS data format balances price and capabilities. HP (Hewlett-Packard) is a co-inventor of DDS arrangement. HP has expanded its DDS portfolio into your 7th generation known because DAT320 tape. The fourth generation HORSEPOWER DDS-4 tape solution would be the top choice for business applications, mid-sized businesses and it also environments ranging from entry-level to help high-end workstations. Small-sized HP DDS4 cartridge holds 20GB / 40GB details. HP DAT-40 drives, dependant on DDS-4 technology, are accessible with LVD/SE Wide Ultra2 SCSI plus USB interfaces. HP has developed a variety of DAT-40 drive models which includes internal, array module and also external, which can be confidently linked with workstations, servers and intricate computing systems. Next technology HP DDS tapes will be: HP DAT-72 tapeC8010AHP DAT160 tapeC8011AHP DAT320 tapeQ2032AHP DDS tape family would be the optimal solution for strenuous backup requirements. HP DAT-40 drives can transfer data for a remarkable speed of 7. 6 GB per hour or so (compressed), making it the optimal choice for time-critical apps. Price of HP DDS-4 products and solutions are highly competitive. Also, their longer durable everyday life and higher operating efficiency further complement their advantageous attributes. Current users of DDS-3 and even DDS-2 formats can confidently buy next generation DDS4 technologies, and enjoy complete support for the DDS-3 and DDS-2 recording media. HP DAT-40 drives might read & write data to even though previous two DDS variations. This makes migration to DDS4 technology inexpensive and convenient. When it concerns durability, quality and efficiency, HP clearly stands out. Backup media portfolio of HP would be the richest within the marketplace. For the reader's usefulness, I have listed down the part numbers of few other HP-branded tapes: C5141F, H . P . dlt-iv tapeC7974A, HP LTO4 tapeQ1998A, H . P . AIT-2 tapeC7975A, HP LTO5 tapeQ2020A, H . P . SDLT-2 tapeC7980A, HP SDLT-1 tapeIf you have been looking to load software on your own servers or create os backups in large organisations, then you can expect HP DDS4 technology. HP DDS tape drives come standard with the automated head cleaning instrument. This cutting-edge technology dislodges pollutants and debris on the drive head and record path, thus reducing your need for manual cleanings by using DDS cleaning cartridge. HP C5709A is usually a high performance cleaning cartridges which is compatible with DAT-40 tape drives. HP DAT 40 drives provide extended durability and ensure advanced data integrity with seven hundred, 000 hours MTBF. These drives feature a powerful advantageous OBDR (one press button disaster recovery) mechanism which enables data extraction simple together with fast. Users can restore the entire system with dependable reliability just by pressing an individual button. HP DDS4 tape technology aids you to maximize your investment and offer superior value. Product and software names mentioned throughout this post are trademarks and are sole property of these owners.
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HP DAT 40 Drives Perform Seamlessly With DDS-4 Tape Storage Media
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