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 Advanced review of the SEM Model 200 Light Volume Office Disintegrator

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PostSubject: Advanced review of the SEM Model 200 Light Volume Office Disintegrator   Thu Sep 15, 2011 12:32 pm

The SEM Model 250 Light Volume Office Disintegrator is evaluated by NSA along with the standard 3/32" television screen, meets the requirements in NSA/CSS Specification 02-02, Great Security Disintegrators for CONVENTIONAL PAPER and NSA/CSS 04-02, OPTICAL MEDIA CHANNELS Destruction Devices. This SEM Disintegrator is designed to accommodate components typically not acceptable towards standard paper shredder. With thru-put rates about 100 lbs/hr., this unit is NSA approved for any destruction of all numbers of classified Paper Documents and additionally Optical Media (CDs/DVDs). Which has an optional 5/64" screen, SEM 200 Light Volume Disintegrator is likewise NSA/CSS 04-01 approved intended for KEY TAPE Destruction. This disintegrator also delivers the flexibility to destroy several different media ( INCLUDING HARDWARE THUMB DRIVES ) and/or other sorts of tems to privacy respond (unclassified) level destruction: Newspaper, ID Badges, Key Admittance Cards, Microfilm, CD Rom View Graphs, Floppy Cds, Audio Cassettes, Sharps, Plastic A credit card. With a larger 1/4" screen this unit can destroy most cell phone and similar media. The completely enclosed audio proofed sleek designed black color and silver cabinets surrounding the destruction chamber and the waste collection system have aid to reduce noise levels to 72 to 78 dBa array. The 35 gallon Fritter away collection bag system furthermore makes the model 200 the main collection system in it is really class helping increase productivity caused by less bag changes. SEM coined the concept of a disintegrator over 40 in the past. Today we have more units utilised in more maximum security installation than almost every company. SEM disintegrators use successful rotary knife mill technology to destroy any type of bulk material. When used in combination with the proper waste dimensions screen, all SEM disintegrators fulfill the requirements of: # NSA/CSS 02-02 for any destruction of paper, NSA/CSS 04-02 for any destruction of optical growing media, NSA/CSS 04-01 for any destruction of key video tape. Quick Overview * 150 Light Volume Office Disintegrator * Volume: Up to 150 bodyweight per Hr * NSA/CSS Standing at 3/32" particle: seventy-five Pounds per Hr * Rss feed Opening: 2" x 9" Marketing Feed Opening * NSA/CSS Standard 02-02 * High Safety measures Disintegrators for PAPER and also NSA/CSS 04-02 * OPTICAL MARKETING Destruction Devices * NSA/CSS 04-01 Endorsed for KEY TAPE Deterioration * Max Thruput: about 120 lbs/hr * Throw away Collection: 35 Gallon Cleaner Collection System w/ Clean * Noise Emission: seventy two to 78 dBA * Accommodating, Multi-Use office shredder/disintegrator * Just the thing for "Thumb Drives" * Long time Warranty on non have on parts, 90 day LaborAdditional Information200 Brightness Volume Office DisintegratorManufactured With: USAManuf Part # 200Model 200Weight 575. 0000Dimensions 59"H times 51"W x 25"DExpected Cruise ship Date 3-5 DaysWarranty Long time to come Warranty on non use parts, 90 day LaborSecurity Point NSA/CSS 02-02Standard Screen Volume (included) 3/32" screenAvailable Tv screen Sizes (not included) 5/64" screenKey Video tape Throughput NSA/CSS 04-01 approvedFeed Beginning 2" x 9" Marketing Feed OpeningCollection System 34 Gallon Vacuum Collection Procedure w/ FilterCan Shred: Cd albums, Credit Cards, DVDs, Floppy Drives, Key Tape, PaperThroughput (lbs/hour) about 120 lbs/hrHorse Power. 5 H . p . at 115v 20 ampVoltage (Standard) 220vPower Produce Options 115V/30AMPBin Capacity (gal) 27 GallonSpecial Info NSA ApprovedSecurity Manufactured Machinery Co., Inc. (SEM) appeared to be established in 1967, and is the greatest direct supplier of document destruction equipment in the country for commercial and government prospects. Primary products include Conventional paper Shredders, Disintegrators, Degaussers, CD-Rom Declassifiers, Supplement Size Reduction Destroyers and additionally Security Waste Containers.
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Advanced review of the SEM Model 200 Light Volume Office Disintegrator
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